About Aadhi Aabadi Awards

After the huge success and overwhelming response of 8th consecutive Aadhi Aabadi Awards, we are now organizing it again on
23 Dec, 2018
in a larger scale with broader perspective


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Ratna Purkayastha

Ratna Purkayastha


She was born 2nd June, Patna. Education- M A PHD B,Ed. Diploma in acting. Received so many awards from different organisations. Student of Manipuri Dancer.


She started her career as a child artist and later moved on to be a theatre artist. Her passion for drama, acting and stage led her to act in the OSCAR winning movie, Gandhi. She is the first girl from Bihar to achieve Central scholarship for acting. But due to personal reasons, she couldn’t pursue her passion for acting and switched her career to work for government of India. She is currently the Assistant Director of Program in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. She was first a presenter on All India Radio and later worked as programme executive in All India Radio and then Doordarshan Kendra. She has worked in Patna, Jameshdpur, Jaipur and New Delhi. She is particularly always concerned about social causes in the fields of education, employment, women issues, illiteracy and child issues. Her main focus has always been women issues and she tries to create awareness on various women issues through her programmes and initiatives in doordarshan. She has seen the challenges faced by woman and girls 30 years back that she can feel and resonate her thoughts and emotions with the struggles of a 21st century ambitious woman. She feels that issues related to dowry, female infanticide and domestic violence are issues which needs to be eradicated through the society and she works closely on such issues. She serves as the Chairperson of the Falak Foundation which was first started by her but is currently managed by her son, Siddhant Vats. The NGO serves as a platform to work on various social issues such as health, education, women issues, women safety and woman empowerment. She believes that successful leaders are those who empower others and she wants to constantly work for the society and empower women who have little or no resources or financial stability. She has also fought corruption on various platforms as he she always wants to fight for the right and feels the pain of the common man. She is known for her honesty, passion, courage and her empathy for woman and kids. She is known as “didi” in Bihar and people of all ages call refer to her as didi because she is there for everyone just like an older sister specially in times of need.